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Sea Kayaking Expeditions from Corfu

Having paddled around north-west Corfu, perhaps it's time for something a bit more adventurous. Why not join us on one of our kayak expeditions? These expeditions are for experienced paddlers and please bear in mind that they will always be dependent on the weather.

Each expedition is individually priced below and we can offer a discounted price of 390 euros per person should you wish to book all three expeditions over a five day period. We can also arrange a tailor-made paddling holiday for you including transfers, accommodation and more wild camping options. Just get in touch and let us know what you want.

Expeditions by Kayak

Sea Kayaking Expedition to Butrint, Albania

Expedition One – Butrint, Albania
Depart - 07.30 / Return 17.30
Level – Experienced paddlers (check with guide)
Passport required
Price - 90 euros

We start the day by driving for about 45 minutes to Corfu's north-east corner and the fishing village of Kassiopi which is situated opposite Albania, a country only recently opened up to foreign travellers. We leave around 9.00 and paddle the two kilometres across the Corfu Channel to Albania. When we reach the Albanian coast we enter the lagoons and head towards the Butrint National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) which has 94.24 sq. kilometres of hilly terrain with freshwater lakes, wetlands, salt marshes, open plains, reed beds, islands and an archaeological site. The park’s significance for conservation is reflected in the large number of species with over 1,200 different animals and plants. We'll have plenty of time to enjoy this stunning location and its wildlife - as well as lunch and snorkelling - before paddling back to Kassiopi, arriving at about 17.30. This is a unique opportunity to visit a unique country!

For more details or to make a reservation please book online or contact us.

Sea Kayaking Expedition to Ormos Valtou National Park, Mainland Greece

Expedition Two – Ormos Valtou National Park, Mainland Greece
Depart - 07.30 / Return 21.00
Level – Experienced paddlers (check with guide)
Price - 100 euros (including ferry)

This is a great chance to follow the stunning coastline of Corfu, explore mainland Greece and visit the Ormos Valtou National Park - with plenty of time for paddling along secluded beaches, bays, coves and salt water lagoons. We leave Corfu Port at 09.00 for a two hour ferry ride south along Corfu's east coast before arriving at the port of Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. Close by is the Ormos Valtou National Park with a coastline which is well suited to exploration by kayak. (We will be on the water by midday.) The National Park is a wildlife and bird sanctuary set in complete natural isolation, surrounded by mountainous terrain. Our paddle around this splendid location will include breaks for lunch, swimming and snorkellling, before returning to Igoumenitsa and Corfu.

We can also offer a two-day alternative which includes a night wild camping on the park's shoreline. This provides an opportunity to explore further afield, perhaps visiting the Meteora in the mountains of central Greece. This expedition costs 185 euros (including camping gear).

For more details or to make a reservation please book online or contact us.

Sea Kayaking Expedition Wild Camping in north-west Corfu

Expedition Three – Wild camping on the hidden beaches of north-west Corfu
Depart - 09.30 / Return 17.00 the following day
Level – Experienced paddlers (check with guide)
Price - 185 euros

Leaving San Stefanos, we head along the coast towards Paleokastritsa and beyond. This expedition includes wild camping, cooking over an open fire on the beach, before returning to base the next day. Paleokastritsa has been called the "Jewel of Corfu" and is set on a number of bays - great for exploring, rock hopping, swimming and snorkelling. To the south, there are many isolated and secluded beaches which can be easily accessed by kayak. It is on one of these "hidden" beaches that we will set up camp and enjoy the crystal clear emerald water. We'll provide everything you need for camping - all you need to bring is a sleeping bag.

For more details or to make a reservation please book online or contact us.

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